DSEI 2013 Unmanned Programme to Feature Oshkosh TerraMax UGV Vehicle Technology

Category: Robots

Low-tech, life-threatening threats like improvised explosive devices (IED) have reshaped conflicts and spurred militaries to re-consider how they can protect their land forces. Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation, will be showcasing the role unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology can play in protecting troops while also serving as a force multiplier at DSEI 2013 defence and security exhibition, Sept. 10-13 in London.

Oshkosh Defense will be showcasing its TerraMax™ UGV technology at the Company’s booth throughout DSEI and will present “TerraMax UGV: Enabling Advanced Autonomy for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles” at the DSEI Unmanned Theatre, which will feature the latest capabilities and innovations in the unmanned technologies domain.

“Our TerraMax UGV technology has demonstrated a high level of maturity following multiple evaluations with the U.S. military and thousands of miles of successful operation,” said John Urias, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president of Oshkosh Defense. “This technology has the potential to reduce troops’ exposure to threats like IEDs when conducting logistics convoy, route clearance and other missions. Additionally, as militaries seek to improve efficiencies and cope with declining budgets, autonomous vehicles can help optimize the troops needed to carry out missions.”

About the TerraMax UGV Technology

The Oshkosh TerraMax UGV technology is engineered as a scalable appliqué kit that enables vehicles to carry out planned missions in a supervised autonomous mode or by “shadowing” a lead vehicle. The technology can be integrated on new-production vehicles, including those built by other manufacturers, or retrofitted on existing vehicle fleets.

The Oshkosh TerraMax UGV technology includes:

  • A field-ready kit solution

  • A robust, multi-modal sensor suite

  • Advanced machine-learning

  • Operation in GPS-denied environments

“The TerraMax technology is designed to ensure UGVs can be seamlessly integrated into military operations,” said John Beck, chief unmanned systems engineer for Oshkosh Defense. “Our kit design allows vehicles to retain their original payload and performance capabilities. Additionally, TerraMax-equipped vehicles can perform in the same weather conditions and operating environments as manned vehicles.”

The TerraMax UGV operator control unit (OCU) facilitates semi-autonomous commands and remote control or tele-operation. The OCU selectively displays overhead map data and multiple video feeds in a familiar picture-in-picture format. It also can serve as a force multiplier through one-to-many control, allowing a single operator to monitor and supervise coordinated operations of multiple TerraMax-equipped UGVs.

Oshkosh also is transitioning technologies from the TerraMax UGV system to provide active-safety features for the manned operation of vehicle fleets, including electronic stability control, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and electric power-assist steering.