OSG Reveals the Front Line of Transparent Armor Technologies at DSEI 2013

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London, United Kingdom -- OSG, a leading global developer and manufacturer at the forefront of transparent armor technologies, reveals its latest line of advanced armored glass at DSEI 2013.

With specific emphasis on providing innovative solutions to the protection, weight, visibility and product life cycle requirements, OSG’s new products address major concerns in the development and improvement of defense technologies.

More than three decades of experience in researching, designing and engineering protected glass for ground, naval and aircraft platforms has made OSG synonymous with innovation in this progressive industry.

With its involvement in numerous key projects around the globe, OSG has supplied thousands of armored windshields for the military sector, including the MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) and M-ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) family of vehicles for the US Army, the British MOD’s Husky and other armored vehicles such as the Zetros, Actros, Dingo for the German MOD and the Astra for the Italian MOD.

Pioneering safety technology

Several breakthrough transparent armor solutions from OSG are launched at DSEI 2013:

DVW (digital visual window) ─ DVW is the world’s first armored windshield with an integrated LCD screen that is suitable for military and commercial platforms. With a military-grade screen ─ fully protected from ballistics, theft or vandalism ─ it displays high-resolution video, text and graphics.

Rock-strike glass ─ This field-proven new technology prevents windshield damage to tactical wheeled vehicles from non-ballistic threats such as rocks and other heavy projectiles. It is an effective alternative to metal grids installed on transparent armor and non-armored windows, withstanding impact at velocities of up to 150m/s.

Silk-light ─ This system provides enhanced protection for civilian and paramilitary vehicles, with an integrated light-driven indicator that displays information directly onto transparent armor ─ signaling danger, emergency situations, and driver distress.

CM Technology ─ This advancement in ceramic technology improves protection, with excellent weight management and better visibility. Including stronger, lighter windshields and frames which enhances steering capabilities and increases cargo capacity.

ADI Technology ─ The innovative no-spall windshield uses non-polycarbonate technology to keep a no-spall (free of glass and shrapnel) environment inside a vehicle. It increases safety and protection, while considerably extending the life cycle of the transparent armor.


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