Esterline Awarded $21 M by GD UK for Displays and Video Processing Units on SCOUT Vehicle Program

Category: Defence Industry

Esterline Corporation, a leading specialty manufacturer serving global aerospace and defense markets, today announced that its Codis high-performance visualization products have been selected by General Dynamics UK for the armored SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) program, for a total contract value of $21 million over seven years. Products being supplied include turret crew-station displays, triple-head driver's displays and specialized video-processing hardware.

"Esterline is proud to have been competitively selected by General Dynamics UK to provide our visualization products for the SCOUT SV," said Esterline President & CEO Curtis Reusser. "We are pleased to participate in this important program that will provide British troops with state-of-the-art protection and technology."

Specific Esterline hardware to be delivered includes:

  • Codis TX-335S turret crew-station displays to present gunners and commanders with logistics, mission-system and gun-control information.

  • Codis TX-321S triple-head driver's displays to render a near-seamless 120-degree image of the route with selectable front or rear view in day or night vision.

  • Codis VPU-101 video-processing units to receive and interpret data from multiple vehicle-mounted sensors, then process, reformat and distribute it to displays.

Hardware deliveries will begin in 2016, continuing for seven years. Esterline will manufacture the Codis hardware in its Kortrijk, Belgium facility. The Codis brand was added to Esterline's product portfolio as part of the company's most recent acquisition in February 2015 of high-technology display products for aerospace and defense markets.

SCOUT SV will be a highly agile, tracked, medium-weight armored fighting vehicle. General Dynamics UK was competitively selected in 2010 for the design phase of the program and subsequently in September 2014 the option for the manufacturing phase to build the 589 SCOUT SV variants for the British Army was invoked.

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