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IVEMA Launches First New Generation APC

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A new privately developed military vehicle was launched by the IVEMA company at the Gerotek test range outside Pretoria today (22 May 2006).

The Gila is a new generation mine protected armoured personnel carrier (APC) and is aimed at export clients around the world, as well as the domestic market for South African forces that face increasing deployments in missions aimed to ensure peace and security on the continent, according to IVEMA Marketing Director for Africa, Mr Mike Thusi.

“Given the requirements of rapid deployment combatants in asymmetric warfare, our high mobility 4x4 Gila vehicle presents state-of-the-art capabilities,” explains IVEMA operational director, Andre Mouton. “Its South African designed V-shaped hull allows the Gila to exceed NATO basic specifications for mine protection levels. The ballistic protection meets NATO Level 1 specifications, but can be upgraded to Level 3 with up armour kits as a result of the high axle capacities.”

According to Mouton, IVEMA’s new C-130 air-transportable APC is based on battle-proven South African technologies complemented with the latest in modern dynamics. These include an advanced engine, automatic gearbox and high capacity axles. The standard Gila is also fitted with disc brakes, ABS, central tyre inflation system (CTIS), run-flat tyres, military-spec electric harness and air conditioner.

Design concepts used in the Gila ensured that the vehicle has high mobility and that the vehicle and crew have a greater chance of surviving multiple mine blasts and improvised explosive devices. The standard use of run flat inserts in all tyres enables tactical mobility at critical times.

The standard Gila carries a crew of two plus nine troops. It is available in either left- or right-handed power-assist steering versions. Although the prototype model is powered by a Euro III Mercedes Benz engine, several other engine types could be fitted according to client specifications.

A light turret to accommodate any of several existing cannons in service around the world and machine guns is fitted on the top of the vehicle behind the driving crew station. Provision is made for a 7.62mm machinegun mount at the rear.

The spacious interior and use of modern seating provide greater comfort for the crew and troops. The available internal capacity will allow for the design and development of different variants to meet the needs of command & control, field ambulance, electronic warfare and communications.

The Gila design allows for easy maintenance and repair. The engine, gearbox and cooling system are mounted on a rail which allows for the engine to be removed and replaced within an hour in field conditions. Many of the components are available commercially “off-the-shelf”.

After-detonation cost is exceptionally low and after blast repairs can be done in the field.

The Gila has a maximum combat weight of 13 600kg with a payload of 3 200kg.

“We believe the Gila is an APC with proven advanced capabilities for the African and international market,” André Mouton said. “The Gila is designed to be used in Motorised Infantry and unconventional warfare roles, as well as for multi-mission tasks within peace support missions,” he concluded.

A comprehensive technical specification sheet is attached.


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