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Otokar: a major player in Turkish defence inductry

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Otokar, the leader manufacturer in Turkish Defence Industry, exhibited two models of Cobra, armoured wheeled vehicle designed and produced by Otokar, during IDEX 2005 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 12th and 17th February.

Otokar, the leader manufacturer in Turkish Defence Industry, exhibited two models of Cobra, armoured wheeled vehicle designed and produced by Otokar, during IDEX 2005 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 12th and 17th February.

Mr. Kudret Onen, Otokar's General Manager, said; "We are proud of exhibiting the strength of Turkish Defence Industry to the world with the vehicles that are designed and produced by Otokar. Otokar has produced over 20000 soft skin 4x4 tactical vehicles and almost 1800 wheeled armoured vehicles since 1987. These vehicles are being used by nearly 15 countries all over the world."

Onen explained that Otokar posses armoured and soft skin vehicle research and development centre with qualified engineers and technicians supported with state-of-the art engineering systems which enables them to design and test their own armoured vehicles. Cobra is a very good example of Otokar's engineering capability.

Thanks to the new approach of the Defence Purchasing Body(s) in Turkey which gives more emphasis and support to local designs, and local production capabilities. All of these will lead to more business allocated to the Turkish Defences Industry during the next years.

Cobras for the Gulf Area

In 2004, Otokar concluded two agreements for the export of "Cobra" 4x4 armoured vehicles plus spare parts.

These orders will be delivered to the customers until the end of 2005.

During the last months of 2004 and in January 2005, Otokar received six different orders, including Cobras for the Gulf Area, for different types of military vehicles. Regarding the latest orders Mr. Serdar Gorduc, Assistant General Manager of Otokar told; "Since September 2004, Otokar has been awarded with six different orders, four of which are export agreements. Otokar has already started producing 922 vehicles consisting of 97 wheeled armoured vehicles and 825 Land Rover Defender in different types. 7,6 million USD worth of vehicles are already delievered in 2004 and 57,1 million USD worth of orders will be delivered to the customers in 2005."


Otokar-Cobra is a multi functional armoured vehicle that meets the requirements of modern land forces. The common platform concept which helps training of drivers and maintenance personnel and optimizes logistic support and planning, Cobra is one of the first choices for many land forces. Cobra's multi-mission capability is reflected by various variants such as, weapons carrier, reconnaissance vehicle, personnel carrier, ambulance and the like.

About Otokar

Otokar, one of Turkey's strongest and most reliable automotive manufacturer, has been presenting suitable solutions to the customers requirements with its own design or products under different licences since 1963. Otokar, a Koń Group Company, now produces armoured wheeled vehicle by its own design and 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicles under licence from Land Rover, UK.

Otokar, in addition to defence products, produces minibuses and midibuses for intercity transportation and trailers in transportation sector with licence from Freuhauf.


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