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Army Guide - Boeing Teams with Bolduc to Build Unmanned Ground Vehicle Conversion Kits
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Boeing Teams with Bolduc to Build Unmanned Ground Vehicle Conversion Kits

Category: Robots

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The Boeing Company has teamed with Bolduc Technology Group, LLC to design, develop, integrate, test, manufacture and sustain agnostic autonomous-navigation kits for ground vehicles.

The kits would enable human-driven vehicles to be converted into autonomous or remotely operated vehicles for commercial or military use.

Boeing, the prime contractor, will offer its experience in ground robotics, autonomy and combat systems to domestic and international customers with existing and emerging mission needs for unmanned ground vehicle technology.

Bolduc will provide its proven highway safety-tested Advanced Electronic Vehicle Interface Technology (AEVIT) “drive-by-wire” remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) system. AEVIT RPV is based on the AEVIT platform, which has been in production for more than 20 years. The system replicates a vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems through the use of intelligent drive modules that command electromechanical servos and electrical switches to control driving functions. The AEVIT RPV technology eliminates the need for a human driver.

“Boeing looks forward to extending our existing relationship with Bolduc into a broader strategic teaming agreement,” said Bob DaLee, Robotics program manager for Boeing’s Huntsville-based Network and Tactical Systems (N&TS) division. “Our ground vehicle autonomy kit technology enables dull, dirty and dangerous missions such as convoys, route clearance, reconnaissance and perimeter control to be performed with either remotely operated or supervised autonomous control.”

“Teaming with Bolduc gives Boeing an opportunity to offer potential customers the tools to handle a variety of dangerous situations without putting their people at risk,” said Bill Boggs, director, N&TS Global Forces and Robotics. “Together, we can offer the latest technology, coupled with proven experience from both companies.”

“Integrating the commercially available AEVIT RPV platform with Boeing’s command and control capabilities to support unmanned ground control operations is a natural fit for our product and will potentially save lives when used in hostile environments,” said Scott Bolduc, president and CEO of Bolduc Technology Group. “Teaming with Boeing will position both companies to be at the forefront of delivering a highly effective solution to the marketplace.”

Bolduc Technology Group is the worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of highly sophisticated drive-by-wire driving controls. Headquartered in Augusta, Maine, Bolduc Technology Group has installed its civilian and commercial products in thousands of vehicles for more than 20 years.

A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Defense, Space & Security is one of the world's largest defense, space and security businesses specializing in innovative and capabilities-driven customer solutions, and the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Defense, Space & Security is a $34 billion business with 68,000 employees worldwide.


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