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Applications of IBD NANOTech Solutions

The huge demand for the IBD NANOTech products during the DSEi 2011 in London underlines the great need for high level but light weight protection solutions for armoured vehicles, aircrafts and other applications.

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Future of Military Vehicle Capabilities from Oshkosh Defense on Display at Modern Day Marine

OSHKOSH, Wis. -- Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation , will showcase a range of cutting edge vehicle platforms and technologies to serve the U.S. Marine Corps in its exhibit at Modern Day Marine 2011 in Quantico, Va.

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MBDA Germany prepares the way for C-RAM laser weapon system

The ability to direct 10 kW laser power over a long distance and reach a target with a high quality beam is a decisive forward step. MBDA Germany has conducted several successful tests with its laser demonstrator. This is evidence of major progress in terms of achieving a C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, Mortar) laser weapon system. The results also confirm MBDA Germany’s leading position in Europe in this domain.

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Textron Offers TRAPS for TARDEC`s Active Protection Program

Wilmington, MA -- Textron Defense Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. company, announced today that it has submitted a three-year proposal to the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) for the Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) Active Protection, or RAP, program.

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BAE Systems Conjures Up Invisibility Cloak for Armoured Vehicles

ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK, Sweden -- BAE Systems has tested an ‘invisibility cloak’ that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings.

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Three Holes-In-One For Denel Develored Artillery

Denel Land Systems has developed an artillery piece that can directly fire three shells through the same hole – at a distance of one kilometre.

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ATK Receives $77 Million Contract to Develop Next-Generation Ammunition for U.S. Army Abrams Main Battle Tank

MINNEAPOLIS -- ATK has received a $77 million, three-year contract to develop and qualify the M829E4 120mm Advanced Kinetic Energy (AKE) tactical tank round for the U.S. Army.

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Lockheed Martin`s HULC Robotic Exoskeleton Enters Biomechanical Testing at U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center

ORLANDO, FL -- Biomechanical testing of the Lockheed Martin ruggedized HULCTM exoskeleton is now underway at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Mass. The testing is expected to help shape future requirements for the HULC based on feedback from soldiers.

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Active Defence System ADS tested on Fuchs/Fox

The German Bundeswehr is currently testing the newly developed standoff Active Defence System (ADS), which has already undergone successful road tests at the WTD 41 test center in Trier.

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Textron Systems and Rheinmetall Canada Team on TAPV Program

Ottawa, Canada -- Textron Systems Canada Inc., a Textron Inc. company, and Rheinmetall Canada Inc. today announced a teaming arrangement in pursuit of the Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program. The DND is expected to award a contract to procure up to 500 vehicles with an option for up to 100 more.

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Rheinmetall unveils new HE DM11 secondary ammunition for MBT 120mm smoothbore gun

Rheinmetall recently revealed a new 120m HE round to a group of international experts at its proving ground in Unterluss, Germany. It can be fired from any in-service 120mm smoothbore gun (L44 and L55).

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Successful Flights for Elbit Systems` Skylark® I LE UAS Operated by a Dominator® Command & Control Unit Located on the Soldier`s Vest

Haifa, Israel -– Elbit Systems announced today that it completed a series of successful tests of its Skylark® I LE mini/man-pack UAS using the Dominator® hardware to control and operate the UAS.

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GPS Anti-Jam Technology revealed

GAJT (GPS Anti-Jam Technology) optimizes battlefield performance by nullifying the effect of multiple GPS jammers.

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BAE Systems to Integrate Caterpillar CX Series Transmissions into its HybriDrive® Parallel System for Heavy-duty Trucks

JOHNSON CITY, New York — BAE Systems and Caterpillar Inc. have signed a joint development agreement to collaborate on a parallel hybrid propulsion system for heavy-duty trucks. Under the agreement, BAE Systems will integrate Caterpillar CX Series Transmissions into its HybriDrive® parallel propulsion system, recently launched at the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show.

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New protection system for K-2 to be developed this year

Agency for Defense Development (ADD) recently unveiled a plan to develop Active Protection System (APS) that will be installed on K-2 tank to protect the tank from enemy's anti-tank rockets and missiles.

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