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BAE Systems launches Hybridrive® Green Parallel Propulsion System for Trucks at National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show

JOHNSON CITY, New York -- BAE Systems, a leading developer and producer of hybrid electric technologies, today launched its parallel hybrid green propulsion system for heavy-duty truck applications at the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The parallel system, designed for Class 6, 7, and 8 vocational trucks, is the latest version of the company’s HybriDrive® green propulsion system.

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Lockheed Martin JLTV Platform Maturity Grows Beyond 145,000 Combined Testing Miles

DALLAS, TX -- Lockheed Martin`s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) has reached a key maturity milestone, accumulating over 145,000 combined internal and government testing miles across its family of vehicles.

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Nanotechnology could pave the way for hydrogen fuels

EADS Innovation Works, the Group`s corporate research arm, is working with university researchers to find a new solid state storage system for hydrogen. This technology would make it possible to use hydrogen as a clean alternative to traditional hydrocarbon-based fuels in aeroplane and car engines.

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SELEX Galileo receives EUR 5.3M export order for acoustic weapon location systems

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, has been awarded a contract for EUR 5.3M to supply 2 further Hostile Artillery Location (HALO) systems to an existing non-NATO export customer. More than 25 HALO systems have been sold to customers around the world to date.

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Esri UK led industry team demonstrates joined up geospatial and intel capability to counter IED threat

A team of leading defence industry companies, led by geospatial capabilities specialist, Esri UK, has developed an interoperability exercise demonstrating how a joined up approach to exploiting multiple intelligence sources can be used to better inform decision making, and help protect British troops against the threat of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

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BAE Systems-Northrop Grumman Team Submit Bid For An Affordable, High-Performing Ground Combat Vehicle Solution

ARLINGTON, Virginia -- The BAE Systems-Northrop Grumman team submitted a proposal for a U.S. Army Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) that emphasizes affordability, performance and future scalability.

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Boeing and SAIC Submit Revised Ground Combat Vehicle Proposal to US Army

ST. LOUIS -- The Boeing Company has teamed with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to submit a revised proposal for the technology development phase of the U.S. Army`s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program.

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Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems Withdraws from Ground Combat Vehicle Program Competition

Lake Orion, MI -- Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems (ADVS) has recently decided to withdraw as a competitor for the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Program.

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Successful demonstration of MAPS Mutual Active Protection System

Diehl BGT Defence successfully demonstrated the MAPS Active Vehicle Protection System on November 10 and 11, 2010, at the Federal Armed Forces Technical Centre WTD 91 Meppen, Germany.

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Armoured Vehicle Study Turns Sci-fi to Sci-fact

FARNBOROUGH, UK -- A vehicle which can `sweat` to improve stealth was among hundreds of ideas presented to the UK Ministry of Defence from a BAE Systems study designed to show them the future.

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mPhase Successfully Completes Multi-Cell Smart NanoBattery Army Project

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- mPhase Technologies, Inc. said today, that it has successfully completed the technical work under the Phase 2 STTR grant awarded by the US Army for the multi-cell Smart NanoBattery.

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The Joint-Venture Company Will Commercialize Q-Flo's Carbon Nanotube Fibre to Enhance Composite Armor

SASA, Israel -- Plasan, a global leader in survivability and combat-proven armor solutions and Q-Flo, University of Cambridge spin-out company, yesterday announced the formation of TorTech Nano Fibres Ltd, a joint venture between the two companies.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd

Rafael will unveil the ImiLite ISR Command and Control Exploitation System designed for use by defense forces (air, ground) and police forces exercising various observation means for border patrol or coping with urban crime.

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Toro Partners with ATK to Develop Fuel Cell Powered Utility Vehicles

The Toro Company has been selected by ATK, an aerospace and defense company, to help design and build two fuel cell powered utility vehicles with hydrogen storage technology.

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Sniper Teams to Increase Accuracy with Guided Rounds

Sniper teams remain the most lethal force on the battlefield and have been credited with many successful engagements.

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