Manufacturer: TDA Armements SAS  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Mortar  


The 120 mm 120 2R 2M recoiling rifled mortar system has been developed as a private venture for the export market by TDA (previously Thomson Brandt Armements) and can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, tracked and wheeled, in the 10 to 15 tonnes class.

The 120 mm 120 2R 2M recoiling rifled mortar was developed from 1992 and was first revealed in 1993 with the first complete prototype being shown in 1994. As of mid-1999, volume production of this system had yet to commence.

The system has already been demonstrated in France and Saudi Arabia installed in the MOWAG Piranha (8 x 8) APC; it has also been installed in a Turkish FNSS Defense Systems Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) for trials in Turkey.

The 120 mm mortar and its associated hydraulic recoiling system is mounted on a circular turntable with ball bearing enabling it to be quickly traversed under power through 200 left and right. Elevation and traverse is controlled using a joystick with elevation from 0 to 90.

When travelling the 120 mm mortar barrel is lowered into the horizontal position and the two roof hatches are closed making the vehicle difficult to distinguish as a mortar carrier.

The complete 120 mm mortar system weighs around 1,400 kg and comprises the rifled mortar barrel, two hydraulic recoil brakes and a bearing mounted base plate. Recoil force on the platform is about 40 tonnes and maximum recoil travel is about 300 mm.

The mortar is ballistically identical to the well known TDA 120 mm MO-120-RT rifled towed mortar which is used by more than 20 countries.

Maximum range using rocket-assisted ammunition is 13 km and maximum rate of fire is 6 to 10 rds/min for 3 minutes and sustained rate of fire is 2 to 3 rds/min.

The system fires the same familiy of 120 mm mortar bombs as the standard 120 mm towed mortar including high explosive (with impact/delay fuze or with proximity fuze), smoke (white phosphorous), anti-armour personnel carrier (with prefragmented body), illumination, cargo (with 20 grenades) and practice (black powder).

These have a maximum range of 8,135 m. The rocket-assisted projectile can be fitted with an impact/ delay fuze or a proximity fuze.

About 40 mortar bombs, charges and associated fuzes are carried with the actual number depending on the chassis used.

A semi-automatic loading device driven by a programmable automatic controller is fitted as standard as is a weapon aiming and pointing system developed by Allied Signal. This comprises a north finder (ring laser gyro), chief or section control display and gunners display unit. A manual back-up mode system is fitted for traverse, elevation and loading.

As an option, a modern location and positioning system (GPS and land navigation system) and fire-control system (ballistic computer and automatic data transmission system) can be fitted.

The 120 mm 120 2R 2M mortar system does not have a direct fire capability as TDA believes that there is little requirement for this.


Development complete. Ready for production on receipt of orders. The actual barrel and recoiling system of the TDA 120 mm 120 2R 2M mortar system has been supplied to the US which has incorporated this into its own towed 120 mm experimental Box Mortar System design.

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Included in:
Product Amount
CENTAURO AMC (Mortar vehicle)
Dardo (Mortar vehicle)
Dragon Fire/Box Mortar (Self-propelled mortar)

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