AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV

Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Defence  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

The new light AMV 4x4 Geccon Multi Role Vehicle is a joint development of Rheinmetall Landsysteme and DETEC a.s., Slovakia. It is designed to cover a broad mission spectrum, such as surveillance, reconnaissance, command and control, artillery observation, liaison, fire support, short-range air defence and border patrol and can be airtransported either by cargo aircraft (C-130, C-160) or larger-sized helicopters. Excellent all-terrain and amphibious capabilities as well as high mobility and flexibility are some of its advantageous characteristics.

Main Features:


The hull of the Geccon AMRV is of all-welded steel armour, which provides the occupants with protection against 7.62 × 51 mm ball attack, plus anti-personnel mines.

If required spall liners and an add-on passive armour package can be fitted to provide protection against 7.62 × 51 mm armour-piercing attack and anti-tank mines.

To enable it to undertake a wider range of battlefield missions the Geccon AMRV is larger, has greater internal volume and increased payload when compared to the earlier Aligator.

The layout of the Geccon AMRV is similar to the Aligator with the power pack at the front. The driver is seated on the left with the vehicle commander to the right. Each of these has a large bulletproof window to their front and a door in the side that opens to the front. In the upper part of the door is a large bulletproof window.

Above the driver's station is a single-piece hatch cover that opens to the rear and in front of this are three day periscopes that give observation over the frontal arc. The middle periscope can be replaced by a passive periscope for driving at night. The commander has a single-piece hatch cover that opens to rear.

An exchangeable roof plate is provided that enables the vehicle to be rapidly reconfigured for different roles without major engineering work being undertaken.

The troop compartment is at the rear and normal means of entry and exit is via a large door in the rear that opens to the left. This door is provided with an integral bulletproof observation window/firing port and there is a similar device in either side of the rear troop compartment.

The number of troops carried depends on the mission but it is envisioned that a maximum of six people could be carried in the rear.

Mounted either side of the troop compartment at the rear is a bank of four electrically operated smoke grenade launcher that fire forwards.

Standard equipment includes a central tyre pressure-regulation system, which allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure to suit the terrain being crossed, and a collective NBC system.

Two electrically operated bilge pumps are installed with one located in the engine compartment and another in the crew compartment.

Optional equipment includes an air conditioning system, amphibious kit consisting of two propellers mounted one either side at the rear of the hull that give the vehicle a maximum water speed of 6 km/h, automatic fire detection and suppression system, radios, internal communications and driver's/commander's passive night observation devices. A CAN-BUS as per SAE J1939 can also be installed, as can armoured shutters.

It is also fully air-portable in a C-130 or C-160 transport aircraft.


It is envisioned that the Geccon AMRV could undertake a wide range of battlefield missions using special kits.

When used in the command role, for example, an auxiliary power unit would be installed to provide additional power. A winch would be installed for self-recovery operations and add-on armour can be fitted to provide a higher level of protection against small arms fire and mines.


Experimental vehicle prepared for company trials.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Engine power output (h.p.)
Ground clearance (mm)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Max. road range (km)
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels
Payload (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Track (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Max. water speed (km/h)
Fording depth (mm)
Gradient (%)
Side slope (%)
Vertical obstacle (mm)
Trench (mm)
Turning circle radius (mm)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
4R106 (Diesel engine)
6HP 500 (Transmission)

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AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV