Manufacturer: TenCate Advanced Armour UK  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  

An increase in threats and violence, both locally and around the world, makes it essential that personal protection for those who work in potentially life-threatening environments can withstand any threats they might encounter.

Both overt and covert solutions are increasingly being used for multi-threat protection against threats such as bullets, fragment blasts, knives and even hypodermic needles.

TenCate Pro-TectorŽ provide this kind of protection in one single non-metallic high-performance solution.

TenCate Pro-TectorŽ is used for multi-threat protection and anti-trauma applications. In multi-threat solutions it can be used in stand alone or hybrid material configurations.

TenCate Pro-tectorŽ is available in large sheets with the dimensions 336 x 130 cm and also on roll.

International standards

The TenCate Pro-TectorŽ product range is certified in accordance with several international standards. Customer-specific requirements or modular solutions are available within each approved standard. The protection level depends on the layers used.

These can be adjusted to match the apparent threat level given in a specific situation or operation. TenCate Pro-TectorŽ complies with multiple international standards, including NIJ, PSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and NATO STANAG, as well as particular customer requirements.

TenCate Pro-TectorŽ technology

TenCate Pro-TectorŽ is a proprietary coated-fabric technology, based on the most effective high-performance fibres currently available, combined with different resin systems. This results in flexible, lightweight, high-performance fabrics, mostly intended for use in personal protection solutions.

They can also be used in other applications where weatherproof or even blast-resistant properties are an advantage. This hightech product range provides several significant advantages, including strong durability with increased abrasion resistance, for better performance under tough conditions.