SPWH 2052

Manufacturer: Soltam Ltd  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Self-propelled howitzer  

Soltam has developed a new 155mm 52 Cal Artillery Truck Mounted Gun Howitzer, known as the SPWH 2052, based on the "Rascal". The SPWH 2052 is an advanced concept of long range, light self propelled wheeled artillery system, with ammunition loading systems and autonomous operation capabilities.

The SPWH 2052 is a hybrid of the TATRA T815 VVN 6X6 wheeled Truck chassis, with a 155 mm 45/52 Cal Long-Range Gun that is equipped with the latest c3 system including on board computation, inertial navigation & aiming systems, and easy ammunition handling system. The platform carries 32 projectiles and propelling charges, as well as the Gun's crewmembers, their equipment and all the logistics. While firing, the SPWH 2052 is supported by rear spades. Firing loads are transferred directly to the ground, without harming the vehicle chassis.

This system can mount either a 45 cal. barrel, or a 52 cal. barrel to reach 39 km or 41 km respectively. All types of 155 mm ammunition in use worldwide are authorized for fire. The auxilliary engine enables easy handling for deployment and ammunition handling. As a result, the SPWH 2052 is fully operable by 4 crew members.

The SP Gun is equipped with inertial navigation and aiming systems, which also commands and controls the elevation & traversing gears, giving the SPWH 2052 autonomous operation and "automatic laying" capabilities. It has a total weight of 18000 kg.

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