Beth-El To Combat Operational Challenges At International Armored Vehicles

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LONDON, UK ĖĖ Beth-El Industries will be exhibiting their new NBC-filtration product line International Armoured Vehicles taking place on the 1st to the 5th February, at the ExCel Centre, London.

With operational challenges in conflict scenarios in Afghanistan ranging from new and unseen terrorist enemies, to extreme environmental conditions and terrains, force protection is now recognised as being of crucial importance to achieving operational success.

New threats include a whole host of scenarios, from chemically laced roadside bombs (Chlorine IEDís) to the remote and hostile environments that need to be accessed in order to rout terrorist enclaves. The nuclear, biological, and chemical threat protection systems which are currently in service, were designed specifically for the Cold War, and are proving now hugely inadequate, which further emphasises the need for a higher level of protection against these new operational challenges.

Beth-Elís unique and versatile systems can be customised into any armoured vehicle and are able to remove sand and dust from crew compartments in peace-time operations, not only protecting crews, but also extending the life-time of sensitive electronic equipment inside the protected environment.

The exhibition, which is taken place alongside the main conference at International Armoured Vehicles, is drawing considerable interest from the AFV community, with over 50 exhibitors signed up already. Beth-El will be joined by an array of vehicle manufacturers and major OEMs, vehicle system suppliers and service providers. Companies range from Oskosh, Plasan, and Ruag to Elbit Systems, MDH Bioquell, Hutchison and Tyron.

The event is taking place against the backdrop of a challenging security environment, which is proving increasing complex and unpredictable. As a consequence, there is a growing need to hasten global efforts to upgrade armoured vehicle military capabilities. Whilst experience, education and awareness remain crucial dynamics in combating new threats, the provision of adequate force protection is a necessity.


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