CACI to Upgrade US Army`s ISR Common Ground Systems

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CACI International in Arlington, VA received a $24 million task order to provide program management and technical engineering services to upgrade the Common Ground Systems (CGS) with subsystems from the US Army’s Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) ground mobile system.

The DCGS-A integrates intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data within a single system to streamline the Army’s ability to process and disseminate the data to commanders in the field.

CACI received the 18-month award under its Strategic Services Sourcing (S3) contract with the Army….

The S3 contract is a $19.25 billion indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity performance-based contract awarded by the US Army Communications-Electronics-Life Cycle Management Command (CECOM LCMC) Acquisition Center on March 2/06 to 7 vendors with a 5-year base period and a 5-year option period.

The 6 other prime contractors for the S3 contract are Booz Allen Hamilton, Computer Science Corp., Sensor Technologies, Lockheed Martin, USfalcon, and Viatech.

Using the ISR data provided by the DCGS-A, field commanders gain a better situational understanding of their environment. This includes visualizing and analyzing imminent threats, predicting threat intentions, and developing countermeasures.

According to Stephen J. Bond, writing in the July-September 2004 issue of Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin:

“DCGS-A is more than just a consolidation of our current ground processing capabilities. It will interoperate and network with other Service’s DCGS, as well as with databases and systems owned and operated by the national Intelligence Community. DCGS-A will leverage national and Joint ISR capabilities down to joint task force (JTF)-level, into Army Units of Employment (UEs), Units of Action (UAs), and into the Future Combat System (FCS), the future Battle Command System (BCS), and Land Warrior. It will also enable information-sharing with our coalition partners.

As the ISR processing component of the future BCS and a complementary system to FCS, DCGS-A will facilitate providing near-real-time (NRT) information and visualization for every echelon, providing the threat, the “unknown” variables of the contemporary operating environment (COE), terrain, and weather slices of the common operational picture (COP). It will enable collaboration and “reach” at multiple echelons, allowing users to reach to an analytical center, including to a national Intelligence Community analytical element or “Knowledge Center” as necessary.”

The upgraded CGS will provide US soldiers with improved means of receiving, processing, and sharing intelligence data in a mobile, tactical environment. The CACI S3 team, which consists of 54 members, will develop and integrate software and provide lifecycle management for the CGS. CACI will perform budget and program financial analysis, manage and train system users, and provide logistical support.


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