SISU 8x8 Military Truck on tour in Norway

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SISU 8x8 Military Truck on tour in Norway

Supplier of protected Military Vehicles, Sisu Defence Oy, has presented an armoured SISU 8x8 Military Truck, loaded with Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS`s NASAMS launcher, at ďTransportmessaĒ -exhibition in Gardemoen, Norway, on 11.-13.6.2010.

At the exhibition the SISU 8x8 truck presented the highest protection level and mobility, thus raising well earned interest among the visitors at Norwegian Sisu importerís, Elverum Maskin AS, stand.

In connection with the exhibition at Gardemoen, the SISU 8x8 truck made some 4000 kms journey within Northern hemisphere. On the route the truck visited Lofoten isles to attend an annual Live Firing Exercise of NASAMS, arranged by Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS together with the Royal Norwegian Air Forces. The Live Firing event took itís place at Andøya Test Center in Nordmela on June 9th, leaving the truck just one day in between to be driven down to Transportmessa over a distance of more than 1500 kms.

On the tour the SISU 8x8 off-road Military Truck again showed itís skills to manage long distances rapidly also on paved roads, as well as carry loads reliably in varying conditions.


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