Turkey invites new bids for tanks

Category: Defence Industry

Undersecretariate for Defence Industry (SSM) of Turkey, being responsible for defence procurement in this country, officially invited bids for Turkish Main Battle Tank.

Earlier in 2000 this country already carried out tender trials of tanks. At that time four countries Germany, Ukraine, USA and France took part in it. And practically all, except Ukraine, offered their equipment with substantial license restrictions. Final decision regarding the winner has not been taken.

Basic difference of the new tender is that the main goal of Turkey is to establish their own armoured industry with complete closed cycle inside the country.

So far the tender participants are not yet known. Although it is clear that electronics for the Turkish tank will be supplied by Aselsan, weapon and ammunition by MKEK. Specially established consortium B.O.F., incorporating such Turkish companies as BMC, OTOKAR and FNSS, will be the project integrator.

As a temporary measure, designed to ensure defensive potential of the country for the coming years, modernisation of M-60 tanks with participation of Israeli industry started in Turkey in 2005. Totally 170 tanks are to be modernised at the cost of 688 million USD.

Sergyi Wey


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