Manufacturer: Thermal Beacon Ltd.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Thermal beacon  

The Thermal-Beacon is a unique infrared emitter - being used as an dentification device in the thermal spectrum region (mid-IR and long-IR) - for use with people, vehicles, yachts, pilots, police SWAT teams, SAR, emergency services and mountain rescue teams

The Thermal-Beacon is an innovative and unique infrared emitter, radiates in the thermal spectrum (8-12 micron and most efficiently at 3-5 micron) and does not emit radiation in the visible or the near infrared region. It is used as an identification device in the thermal spectrum region, for persons or vehicles.

The unique compact solid-state designed (no moving parts) system is a part of a family of products to serve the emergency services market.

The robust construction ensures a low life cost and long-term reliable operation under extreme conditions.

The MS (Multi Spectrum) version allows the user to control the spectrum of radiation from the following:

Included in:
Product Amount
aEgis Robot (Remote controlled weapon station)