Sintox FA

Manufacturer: Morgan Matroc Ltd, Rugby Division  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  


The Rugby Division of Morgan Matroc has been engaged in the design, development and production of alumina ceramic armour and toughened alumina ceramic armour for a wide range of civil, paramilitary and military applications, for many years.

In addition to offering a standard range of alumina ceramic armour tiles from existing tooling, the company also offer tiles cut to meet specific customer requirements as well as prototype tiles and armour systems.

The company can supply sizes up to 600 mm long and 75 mm thick and tiles with complex shapes to fit exisitng armour profiles can be supplied, either pressed or machined.

According to Morgan Matroc, with the ever increasing threat levels on the battlefield, the need for modern vehicles to have high mobility without compromising on survivability, ceramic armour is a good solution to providing protection at minimum weight.

Morgac Matroc has used its in-house ballistic test facility to optimise the grades of ceramic armour that it offers. With the experience gained in producing larger complex compressed tiles, the company has progressed steadily to offer a range of alumina-based materials in increased sizes and thicknesses for a wide variety of armour requirements.

It is claimed that alumina ceramic armour has remained highly cost-effective compared to other ceramic options for hard-faced armours and provides considerable weight savings when compared to steel armours.

According to Morgan Matroc, its alumina ceramic armour tiles are half the weight of conventional steel products that offer the same level of protection against armour piercing threats.

Hard-faced armour systems based on high alumina ceramic are designed to defeat rounds from small arms up to medium-calibre cannon.

Add-on packages that upgrade the armour of existing vehicles or structures provide good multihit capability at five-calibre spacing or better. Battlefield repairs are realised with ease by unbolting a damaged panel and fitting a new one.

Standard ranges of metric and imperial tiles in two grades of alumina (Sintox FA and Sintox CL) are stocked for immediate despatch and other grades, sizes and shapes are manufactured to order.