Manufacturer: Pearson Engineering Ltd  
Product type: Auxiliary Equipment  
Name: Mine cleaning system  

Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP) is a breaching equipment that gives Heavy Weight Combat Vehicles the ability to produce a cleared lane for trafficking by subsequent vehicles.

The FWMP uses a raking action to clear a safe path by bringing concealed or buried mines and IEDs to the surface and moving them wide and clear of the vehicle.

Battle proven and blast resistant, the FWMP comprises three main parts; two 9-tine track width blades, left and right hand, and a central 5-tine vee blade. Together with the tines, they provide the necessary raking action. Fold out blade extensions ensure mines are pushed well beyond the width of the cleared lane.

Constant depth control is maintained by plough skids, supported by skid arms, which remain in contact with the ground in undulating terrain. The plough skids and skid arms control the blade support linkages which ensure the blades accurately follow the ground contour.

The FWMP performs well in a wide variety of different soils and terrain.

Originally developed to meet the requirements of the British Army, today the FWMP is in service with, amongst others, the British Army, the US Army, the US Marine Corps and the Finnish, Danish, Dutch and Swedish Armed Forces.

Key features

Operation and control

The FWMP has two operating positions; stowed for cross-country travel and deployed for breaching operations. Two hydraulic lift cylinders stow and deploy the plough blades.

Hydraulic power is provided by an in-built electro-hydraulic power system if the FWMP is fitted directly to a vehicle, or if fitted using the High Lift Adaptor (HLA), from the HLA on-board hydraulic system.

The FWMP is controlled from a Multipurpose Control Unit (MCU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver.


The FWMP can be rapidly attached to, or detached from, the vehicle and interchanged with other Special to Role equipment.

A Hard Surface Device (HSD) can be fitted to the FWMP to clear mines and munitions laid on the surface of roads and hard flat terrain.

An optional Magnetic System Duplicator (MSD) can be fitted to help protect the equipment from the effect of magnetically fused mines.

A purpose built Transportation Pallet facilitates both storage and transport and is capable of fitting into either an ISO container or onto a DROPS pallet.