Hafeet 640 Talon

Manufacturer: NIMR Automotive LLC  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

Raytheon Company and NIMR Automotive, part of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), are collaborating to equip NIMR Hafeet 640 armored vehicles with Raytheon TALON™ Laser Guided Rockets (LGR), using the Raytheon remote weapons station. Each vehicle can carry up to 16 TALON LGRs.

The RWS enables TALON to be fired from both stationary and moving vehicles, while an elevated on mast sensor enables the TALON to be fired from concealed positions ensuring survivability for the vehicle.

The TALON LGR is a low-cost, digital semi-active laser guidance and control. Kit co-developed by Raytheon with the NIMR Automotive. The TALON guidance section fits directly to the front of the legacy 2.75-inch Hydra-70 unguided rocket. TALON's architecture and ease of employment make it a low-cost, highly-precise weapon for missions in urban environments, as well as counter insurgency and swarming boat defense missions. TALON is fully compatible with existing airborne and ground laser designators.

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Hafeet 640 Talon
Hafeet 640 Talon