Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Defence  
Product type: Ammunition  
Name: Round  

Rheinmetall is currently developing the following types of ammunition:

105 mm KE round, 105 mm KE practice round

105 mm HE round, 105 mm HE practice round

105 mm KE round

The new enhanced performance 105 mm KE round with combustible projectile casing is being developed for the new smoothbore LSI tank gun. Appropriate steps have been taken to increase the muzzle energy by 30%, thus boosting the muzzle velocity to approx. 1.700 m/s.

105 mm KE practice round

Based on the already fielded 105 mm DM 128 KE practice round and the 120 mm DM48, a 105 mm cal. KE practice round is currently under development.

105 mm HE round

The 105 mm HE shell will feature the same basic structure as the 120 mm HE round: Design is analogous to the components are currently being adapted. Use of the same fuze is now assured. The propulsion unit from the 120 mm HE round can be adapted to the 105 mm caliber round.

105 mm HE Practice round

Just as with the 120 mm HE shell, a practice version of the 105 mm HE round is also under development.


Fully functional prototype versions of these rounds have already been produced and tested.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)