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Rheinmetall AG
Corporate Sector Defence
Rheinmetall Platz 1
40476 Dusseldorf

Phone: +49 211 473-01
Fax: +49 211 473-4727

As Europe's leading supplier of technology for ground forces, Rheinmetall Defence offers a wide array of platforms and components available as stand-alone or networked system solutions. Rheinmetall Defence stands for longstanding experience and pioneering innovation in the world of armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunition, air defence and electronics – a commitment to excellence which also extends to its naval and air force applications and public security products.

The company's unsurpassed capacity to integrate individual components into system solutions is what makes Rheinmetall Defence such a powerful partner of the world's armed forces and security agencies.

The subsidiaries of Rheinmetall Defence are organized in six strategic divisions, as profit centers responsible for their own respective market segments:

  • Land Systems

  • Weapon and Munitions

  • Propellants

  • Air Defence


  • Simulation and Training

Kodiak AEV 3 (Engineer vehicle)
155mm/L55 (Gun)
? (Gun)
? (Remote controlled weapon station)
? (Round)
? (Round)
? (Self-screening system)
? (Weapon station)
ACE (Command and control system)
Amarok (Remote controlled weapon station)
AMV 4x4/Geccon AMRV (Armoured car)
ARV 120 (Repair and recovery vehicle)
BAA (Observation And Reconnaissance Equipment)
DM 53 (Round)
DM 63 (Round)
DM 632/642 (Round)
DM 652/662 (Round)
E4 (Turret)
E6 (Turret)
E8 (Turret)
FLW 100 (Remote controlled weapon station)
FLW 200 (Remote controlled weapon station)
FLW 200+ (Remote controlled weapon station)
FTMA (Gun)
Gavial (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
GDF 007 (Anti-aircraft system)
Gefas (Armoured car)
Lahat Leopard 2 (Modernization of the vehicle)
LANCE (Turret)
LANCE RC (Remote controlled weapon station)
LeFlaSys/ASRAD (Anti-aircraft system)
Leopard 2PL (Main battle tank)
LLR (Gun)
Lynx KF31 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Lynx KF41 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
M1080A1 (Gun)
M109A3G (Self-propelled howitzer)
M44T (Self-propelled howitzer)
M52 (Self-propelled howitzer)
Marder 105 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Marder APC (Modernization of the vehicle)
Maske (Self-screening system)
MBT Revolution (Main battle tank)
Mission Master UGV/MMUGV (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
MK 20 RH 202 (Gun)
MK 30-2 (Gun)
MK 30-2/ABM (Gun)
Nanuk (Remote controlled weapon station)
Oerlikon Fieldranger 20 (Remote controlled weapon station)
OZELOT (Anti-aircraft defence turret)
Qimek (Remote controlled weapon station)
R 439 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
R 495 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Rh-105-11 (Gun)
Rh-105-20 (Gun)
Rh-105-30 (Gun)
Rh-105-40 (Gun)
Rh-105-60 (Gun)
Rh-30 DM 111 (Round)
Rh-M-120 (Gun)
Rh-M-120 L55 (Gun)
RLS 605 (Turret)
RLS 606 A1 (Turret)
RLS 606 A2 (Turret)
RLS 609 CH (Weapon station)
RLS 609 E (Remote controlled weapon station)
RLS 609 K (Weapon station)
RLS 609 L (Remote controlled weapon station)
RLS 609 M (Remote controlled weapon station)
RLS 609 P (Remote controlled weapon station)
RLS E6-II (Turret)
ROSY (Self-screening system)
rTEO (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Skyshield 35/1000 (Anti-aircraft system)
Tokeh (Tactical vehicle)
Trobot (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Wiesel 2 digital (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Wolf AGF / LIV (SO) (Patrol Vehicle)
Wolf ESK / LIV (Truck)
Wotan 30 (Gun)
Yak (Truck)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
Lynx KF41 (Infantry fighting vehicle) 218
Sep 2020
(Feb 2031)
Leopard 2PL (Main battle tank) 128
Feb 2016
(Dec 2020)
DM 63 (Round) 12000
Aug 2014
(Dec 2016)
Skyshield 35/1000 (Anti-aircraft system) 60
Feb 2013
(Dec 2016)
Gavial (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 993
Jan 2008
(Dec 2011)
Kodiak AEV 3 (Engineer vehicle)  
Jan 2008
(Jan 2012)
Yak (Truck) 100
Aug 2007
(Dec 2010)
Kodiak AEV 3 (Engineer vehicle) 12
Jan 2007
(Dec 2010)
DM 63 (Round) 15000
Feb 2006
(Jun 2007)
All contracts...

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