Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Defence  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

Nanuk is fully compliant with the military standards for human factors engineering.

The system's modular architecture, commonality and ease of integration support a wide-range of customer's requirements and mission profiles.

It can be integrated into any wheeled or tracked armoured vehicle. The system can operate in stand-alone mode or as a part of a network.

The Nanuk weapon station provides an outstanding observation and self-defence capability. As a modern third generation weapon station, the Nanuk is the main defence system for medium and heavy armoured platforms including logistics vehicles, which are typically deployed in combat, peace-keeping operations, law enforcement, and border patrol missions. This system is designed on a remote control concept. With a high-level of modularity, the system meets a wide range of specific customer requirements such as the integration of various calibre weapons using a universal cradle and almost any make and type of optical modules, the integration on any tracked or wheeled vehicle platforms and operation as a stand-alone system or within a network of systems.

Main features

  • Universal cradle capable of integrating various weapons

  • Day/night observation capabilities

  • Smoke grenade launchers

  • Vehicle bus connection ready (CAN, RS-422)

  • Ballistic computer, aiming/firing sequencer, lead angle compensation

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