Manufacturer: RoboteX, Inc.  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

The AVATAR® enhances the capabilities of SWAT and tactical response teams by allowing them to quickly and safely inspect dangerous situations, there is no longer a need to send personnel in before you’ve had a chance to assess the situation.

The AVATAR® saves lives by keeping first responders out of harm’s way, and it does so at a fraction of the price of other robots. The AVATAR® Robots are regarded by tactical teams as a standard operational tool, like a firearm, vehicle, or piece of body armor.

Departments across the United States and internationally are using the AVATAR® Robots. With the AVATAR®’s market beating affordability and ease-of-use, so can you.


  • Quickly and easily deployable

  • Navigates various terrain including stairs, sand, clothing, grass, etc.

  • Two way audio

  • Video recording capability

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