Military European Land-Robot Trial, Hammelburg, Germany

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Military European Land-Robot Trial, Hammelburg, Germany

The third Military European Land-Robot Trial (M-ELROB) will take place from 30 June to 3 July in Hammelburg, Germany.

The purpose of the trial is to identify robotic systems which have the capabilities to master daily defence and security tasks. Featured scenarios this time include:

  • reconnaissance and surveillance;

  • camp security;

  • transport;

  • mule;

  • explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)/chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRNE).

ELROB 2008 focuses on the question of whether robot systems can support users effectively in the near future. Developers of robotic systems are invited to present their systems in operation, enabling visitors and organisers alike to gain insights for future projects, research and development activities. The trial will be accompanied by an exhibition covering a wide variety of robotics aspects.

Representatives of military, border patrol, special forces, police, fire brigades, and civil protection agencies from all European countries will attend.

The event is organised by the German Federal Armed Forces, the NATO Research Task Group 'Military Applications for Multi-Robot Systems' and European Robotics.


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