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Macroswiss Selected Be The U.S AAEF And REF As Their Unmanned Ground Vehicles Provider

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Macroswiss Selected Be The U.S AAEF And REF As Their Unmanned Ground Vehicles Provider

Macroswiss S.A, the growing leader in Defence robotics innovation, has now entered the U.S market by being selected as the capability provider of UGVs for use in combat by the U.S Army Airborne Expeditionary Force (AAEF) and the Rapid Equipping Force (REF).

The Macroswiss Micro SpyRobot will be supplied with a soldier worn control system to provide a UGV capability down to squad level, putting into the hands of fighting units the ability to carry out close target reconnaissance of a target pre assault and allowing the commander and soldiers to make informed decisions, by providing a preview of enclosed spaces (particularly in the urban environment), which will significantly increase their Situational Awareness (SA).

The Macroswiss Micro SpyRobot is a unique, highly maneuverable, sensor delivery system, that is highly capable to cross country, and extraordinarily lightweight, putting a UGV capability into light ground forces operating without significant based or vehicle support.


As well as the AAEF, the U.S Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF) has also selected Macroswiss for the development of a groundbreaking UGV called SpyRobot 6x6, which is an evolution of the SpyRobot 4WD seen in ELROB 2006.

This new UGV consists of 6 of the Macroswiss state-of-the-art patented flapper wheels, with all terrain capabilities and improved payload capacity. It can also carry up to 4 times its own weight and itís totally foot soldier portable.

The Macroswiss SpyRobot 6x6 has been thought as a key aid for detection, recognition and identification of targets from a distance of several hundreds of meters, using different traditional payloads such as thermo and optic sensors as well as new generation ones.

Macroswiss S.A.

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