To webmasters

The site enables webmasters to place at their sites, absolutely free of charge, a news roll related to the defence industry of various countries, the military equipment of land troops as well as the high technologies being used in the army.

From this time onwards you won't have to puzzle over the problem of filling your site or to spend a lot of time on search for latest facts.

We will do this for you.
All you have to do is just to place on your page the following code:

You can also customize the appearance of the news being displayed.

You can control the appearance of the displayed news by changing the following parameters:

n=<number> This determines the number of displayed news. If this parameter is not specified, 5 news will be displayed
date=no If this parameter is introduced, no dates will appear at the end of the news
anonce=no If this parameter is introduced, no short announcement will appear after the headline

An example of code: