Manufacturer: Milanion LLC  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

The ultra-versatile AGEMA is a modular, agile, UGV equipped with proven world-class technology and performance; designed to support a range of critical missions. Mission profiles include; logistic support and force protection, ISR, Drone Launch and Anti-Drone Systems, Anti-Tank Support, Medevac, Route Inspection and Clearance, Mesh Communications, Border Protection, Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection, Fire & Rescue.

First introduced at UMEX-2020 in Dubai (UAE).

Cost Efficiency

Simple to operate; affordable and configured to the end users requirements. The AGEMA delivers with speed to market; increased on-ground capabilities, protection of personnel and decreased costs.

Robust and Reliable

The AGEMA can operate in rough, rugged terrain and is mobile enough for both urban and rural environments. It is amphibious and able to support ground and mobile units.


The Milanion AGEMA is an all-terrain, amphibious, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The AGEMA is manufactured exclusively to Milanion’s specifications.

The AGEMA boasts an innovative triple-differential Admiral transmission with independent steering brakes. This allows increased steering efficiency by bringing more and constant power to the wheels, which in turn allows better controlled and smoother turns.

The Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Marine 40hp EFI engine provides excellent fuel efficiency and reliability in any conditions. The vehicle can be fitted with a number of accessories such as winches and lights; and can come in a wheeled or tracked option.

Fire Support

Whether for defensive or offensive missions, the AGEMA can be fitted with a variety of Fire Support capabilities; this includes single and twin 7.62mm MG, 12.7mm HMG & 20mm Canon.

The vehicle can also be fitted with Anti-Tank or Anti-Material Missiles.

Having the AGEMA provide flank, forward and rear-guard support allows the unit to detect and engage the enemy away from its position.

Drone & Anti Drone Support

The AGEMA can be fitted with a variety of drone detection systems, including frequency jamming and anti-jamming systems; which can be deployed away from troops limiting risk and increasing the detection distance.

Fixed-wing drones can be skid launched from the AGEMA, again keeping on-ground troops away from the danger area.

Rotary drones can be deployed from the AGEMA by tether allowing the drone to be deployed for much longer since it's powered from the vehicle; and also allows launch and recovery without risk.

Route Clearance

The AGEMA can be fitted with a variety of systems that would enable combat units to conduct “route clearing” patrols without exposing them to the danger of IED’s.

Systems include ground-penetrating radar and also explosive and ordinance chemical detector sensors.

The AGEMA, when fitted with these systems, can provide safe clearance patrols around static positions such as Forward Operating Bases, where constant routine patrols of the perimeter are likely to IED attack.

Mule Mode

The AGEMA has the ‘mule-like’ capability to perform a variety of sustainment and replenishment functions on its highly agile, robust and survivable platform.

Including providing vital logistical support by carrying weapons, ammunition, rations, stores, optical, radio equipment, and other items behind dismounted soldiers.

It can operate in terrains requiring dismounted operations and perform non-standard casualty evacuation.

Mission Sectors

  • Defence

The AGEMA is designed to support troops (mounted & dismounted) on multi-mission tasks that are conducted in hazardous and difficult terrain. The vehicle has an amphibious capability and is easily transportable; it can be deployed by other vehicles, by rotary or fixed-wing assets.

  • Security

With a variety of payload options, the AGEMA is well equipped to provide unmanned security for both the public and private sectors. It is well-suited for supporting patrols thanks to surveillance and detection capabilities; with the ability to cover far-reaching and difficult terrain. Providing a unique security presence.

  • Fire & Rescue

The amphibious and rapidly deployable AGEMA can play a vital support role in the fire and rescue services in urban or rugged terrain. In disaster-hit areas, the vehicle can be deployed where the infrastructure has been damaged and can be used remotely where traditional vehicles cannot gain access.

  • Medical

The AGEMA can be configured with stretchers to support medical evacuation missions and a cargo-carrying basket for the transport of heavy equipment. The vehicle can be optionally provided with HazMat (hazardous material) and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) sensors.

  • Oil and Gas

The Agema can be used to improve safety and used for inspection of components such as pipes, pressure vessels, tank boilers, and reactors used in facilities. The vehicle can support geographical survey teams by carrying equipment into areas that are difficult for traditional vehicles.

  • Prisons & Refugee Camps

The AGEMA can provide continuous patrolling of large prisons or expansive refugee camps, especially where the terrain is not easily accessible to traditional vehicles. The remote platform protects personnel from harsh climatic conditions and danger.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)

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