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Austrian Army Orders 150 IVECO LMV

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Austrian Army Orders 150 IVECO LMV

WIEN -- Austrian Defence Minister Mag. Norbert Darabos announced that on December 29th, 2008 the Austrian Ministry of Defence and IVECO Defence Vehicles signed a contract for the delivery of 150 Light Multirole Vehicles (LMV) in 7 different configurations and related logistics support.

By a specific request of the customer, all the vehicles are equipped with a ELBIT weapon station.

During the press conference, Defence Minister Mag. Norbert Darabos underlined that award of contract had been made following a competitive procurement, according to the principle of the best bidder. It was not the better-priced vehicle to be selected, but selection was made according to the best cost-performance ratio. IVECO DV was betterperforming and better-priced – also declared Mag.

Norbert Darabos. IVECO’s Sales & Marketing Director, Flavio Marchesoni, stated: “This contract rewards our commitment to meet customers’ requirements through a programme of continuous development and innovation. In particular, the LMV offered to the Austrian Army incorporates the latest technology and enhancements to performance and protection”.

The Light Multirole Vehicle

Designed to offer high tactical mobility together with high maximum road speed and optimal off-road and cross-country performance, the LMV has high protection levels against anti tank and anti personnel mines with an emphasis on crew protection rather than vehicle integrity. High reliability, ease of maintenance and low through life costs were key considerations during the design of LMV. Built in and external diagnostics allow timely identification of impending malfunctions, allowing preventive maintenance to be undertaken, whilst the facility to collect functional data allows effective whole fleet management. The use of Commercial off the Shelf main assemblies such as the gearbox and engine ensure that performance and reliability have been proven over many millions of road miles in demanding environmental conditions.


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