Army Guide - Smiths Detection Announces Global Release of New Personal Chemical Alarm Device
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Smiths Detection Announces Global Release of New Personal Chemical Alarm Device

Category: Defence Industry

LCD 3.3™ Enables Lab Quality Chemical Warfare Agent Identification in the Field for Soldiers and Emergency Responders.

Smiths Detection today announces the global launch of the newest model in its Lightweight Chemical Detector series, the LCD 3.3, an individual hazardous vapour warning device. The new detector offers real-time, nerve, blood, blister and choking agent detection at, or immediately below, dangerous concentration levels. The LCD 3.3 will now be available to American, European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.

The detector’s unique identification capabilities provide new levels of mission intelligence on chemical warfare exposure. These enable troops and emergency responders to mitigate chemical incidents in military and civilian attacks more quickly. The device also records and stores key data for post-mission analysis.

Mal Maginnis, President, Global Military and Emergency Response for Smiths Detection, said: “Our primary objective is to anticipate market demands and provide the best equipment for military and emergency responders. The LCD 3.3 is the most advanced chemical agent detector of its kind the world over, representing another milestone for Smiths Detection."

Using proven IMS technology, the LCD 3.3 features a non-radioactive source to identify unknown substances. The sophisticated system has been sufficiently ruggedized for both military and emergency responder use.

Rod Wilson, Director of Marketing for Smiths Detection Global Military and Emergency Response said: “Advancements to the LCD 3.3 such as its identification capability are important factors that will continue to make the product series both versatile and a universal standard for armed forces and civilian protection globally."

Smiths Detection

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