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ATK Awarded $40 Million Bushmaster III Chain Gun Contract

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Bushmaster III dual feed chain gun

ATK's Dual Feed Technology Increases Mission Flexibility of Netherland Armored Vehicles.

Minneapolis – Alliant Techsystems has received a $40 million order from BAE Systems for the Bushmaster III dual feed chain gun®. The Bushmaster III chain gun will be mounted on the Netherlands’ CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Deliveries will begin in May, 2006.

The Bushmaster III fires 35mm ammunition. It offers a unique dual feed system that allows the operator to select different types of ammunition for use against a variety of targets. The compact size of the Bushmaster III facilitates easy upgrades to existing turrets and it shares significant commonality with other cannons in the Bushmaster family. The safety, reliability and low life cycle costs of the Bushmaster III add to the systems value.

This is the first production contract for Bushmaster III series, expanding ATK’s portfolio of chain guns mounted on armored vehicles. ATK’s M230, MK44 and M242 Bushmaster gun systems are already the choice for U.S. armed forces. In addition, the Polish, Finnish, Swiss and Norwegian armies have selected the MK44 for their armored vehicles. In total, ATK has equipped the U.S. military and 20 allies with more than 15,000 25mm, 30mm and 35mm chain guns.

Alliant Techsystems

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Alliant Techsystems Inc. - ATK

Bushmaster III (Gun)

Bushmaster III 35 (Gun)

Bushmaster III 50 (Gun)


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