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Anti-terror buggy unveiled by Metaltech in India

Category: Defence Industry

Anti-terror buggy unveiled by Metaltech in India

The battery operated, two million rupee ($45,000) Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (Atac) is said to resemble a bullet-proof golf buggy with firing ports.

It has been specially designed to transport two armed security personnel during or after terror attacks.

  • Provides Level III protection to occupants

  • Designed to carry 2 fully geared armed personnel

  • Can accommodate extra ammunition

  • Role in narrow corridors and inside built up areas with terrorist threat eminent

  • Functions silently being battery operated

  • Can be utilized for retrieving casulalty

  • Bullet proof glass on windows

  • Provides firing ports as essentially required

  • Floor to withstand 36 grenade splinters


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Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt. Ltd.

ATAC (Gun)

Atac (Reconnaissance Vehicle)


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