Army Guide - Army Battalion Becomes First Unit Equipped With Lockheed Martin`s Future Force HIMARS Launcher
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Army Battalion Becomes First Unit Equipped With Lockheed Martin`s Future Force HIMARS Launcher

Category: Army

Lockheed Martin High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)

Lockheed Martin High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)

DALLAS -- The U.S. Army today introduced its first unit equipped with the Lockheed Martin High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), helping the service meet its goal of fielding a lighter, more mobile and more flexible fighting force.

Lockheed Martin`s HIMARS was presented to Lieutenant Colonel William Turner, commander, 3rd Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, XVIII Airborne Corps, in a ceremony at Fort Bragg, NC, as the 3-27th Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) became the first certified HIMARS Battalion. The ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of soldiers, suppliers, dignitaries and Lockheed Martin personnel, many of whom supported user training and transition of the HIMARS system to the warfighter.

"The efforts of the HIMARS fielding team have been outstanding," said Turner. "This professional team, composed of various agencies, has served us extremely well and has delivered a first-class product. Our Soldiers are excited about the fielding and feel extremely proud and privileged to be the first unit equipped with HIMARS. Our Soldiers are trained and ready to meet the challenges of the future." "HIMARS has met and surpassed all expectations and requirements," said Dick Moyer, HIMARS program director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. "This event symbolizes the incredible effort and level of professionalism that the HIMARS team has demonstrated in achieving this defining moment.

HIMARS is C-130 transportable, supports existing and new munitions and meets all of the requirements of the Future Force." Total joint procurement of the system for the Army and Marine Corps is expected to be more than 900 launchers. HIMARS can accommodate the entire family of Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) munitions, including all variants of the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missile. Additionally, HIMARS is capable of launching the new Guided MLRS and its unitary variant, the next major step in the evolution of the MLRS Family of Munitions, offering advanced capabilities, reduced logistics support and precision attack.

Designed to enable troops to engage and defeat artillery, air defense concentrations, trucks, light armor and personnel carriers, as well as support troop and supply concentrations. HIMARS can move away from the area at high speed following launch, before enemy forces are able to locate the launch site. Because of its C-130 transportability, HIMARS can be deployed into areas previously inaccessible to heavier launchers. It also incorporates the self- loading, autonomous features that have made MLRS the premier rocket artillery system in the world. HIMARS carries a single six-pack of MLRS rockets, or one ATACMS missile.

Its fire control system, electronics and communications units are interchangeable with the existing MLRS M270A1 launcher, and the crew and training are the same. HIMARS prototypes were successfully employed in Operations Iraqi Freedom.

Lockheed Martin


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