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ST Kinetics Unveils New Bronco Variant Prototype at Eurosatory 2010

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Paris -- ST Kinetics, the land systems arm of ST Engineering, unveils a new Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC) variant prototype at Eurosatory 2010.

Designated the Bronco Fire Support Vehicle (FSV), the new Bronco variant is capable of superior fire support and greatly enhances the warfighters’ lethality and survivability.

The Bronco ATTC is a proven armoured vehicle with a high payload of over 5 tons. The rubber tracks and articulated design enable the Bronco ATTC to traverse a wide range of terrains in extreme climatic conditions. The Bronco FSV inherits the unsurpassed payload and mobility of the Bronco ATTC. In addition, it incorporates of two Remote Control Weapon Stations (RCWS) on board to provide superior fire support to warfighters, making the Bronco FSV the most lethal all terrain vehicle in its class.

The front cabin of the Bronco FSV is fitted with the ST Kinetics 40/7.62 RCWS, while the rear cabin is armed with the ST Kinetics 50 RCWS. The 40/7.62 RCWS is the world’s first dual-weapon RCWS to be mounted with the highly reliable CIS 40AGL and the 7.62mm coaxial MG, and is able to fire ST Kinetics’ 40mm Air-Bursting ammunition. The 50 RCWS is mounted with the versatile CIS 50MG, which has an unique double belt-feed system for fast and easy switching of ammunition from standard ball rounds to Armour-Piercing Incendiary rounds or Saboted Light Armour Penetrator rounds for different levels of fire support.

Both the 40/7.62 RCWS and 50 RCWS are equipped with an advanced sighting and fire control system that enables the gunner to maintain line-of-sight with the target during day and night operations. Coupled with a video tracking feature, the gunner is able to achieve a high hit probability even for moving targets.

"The new Bronco FSV, with its world’s first dual RCWS design, is able to provide outstanding fire support to improve warfighters’ lethality, while ensuring survivability, leading to mission success. The Bronco FSV is yet another testimony of ST Kinetics’ commitment towards continual innovation to enhance the warfighter’s effectiveness.” -- SEW Chee Jhuen, President, ST Kinetics.

Other ST Kinetics exhibits on display at Eurosatory 2010 include:

• CIS 40AGL - Delivers accurate, intense and decisive firepower against enemy personnel and lightly armoured vehicles.

• 40mm SPARCS - Provides real-time situational awareness for the warfighter.

• Advanced Combat Man System - Enables network-centric warfare at the soldier level.

ST Kinetics

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