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Soltam Upgrades the CARDOM 120mm mortar system to answer urgent Fire Support Needs in Theater

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Soltam Upgrades the CARDOM 120mm mortar system to answer urgent Fire Support Needs in Theater

Yokneam, Israel -- Soltam Systems, manufacturer of Artillery Systems, Mortars, Ammunition and peripheral equipment has upgraded its battle proven CARDOM recoil mortar system to respond to an urgent operational requirement from theater for a rapid and accurate fire support capability.

Forces in Afghanistan require the ability to deliver immediate and highly accurate indirect fire with existing ammunition so as to preclude casualties in the civilian population and fratricide.

Soltam, delivering a complete fire support solution to “keep up with the forces”, has modified the CARDOM to carry an integrated Fire Control System that provides rapid firing solutions, and 360° electric controlled auto-laying capability. The new system can be mounted on a ground mount for stationary base protection or can be mounted on 4X4 light vehicles for greater mobility.

The new system design allows for easy integration onto different platforms allowing armies to use existing inventories, thus providing a rapid reliable solution and reducing costs.

"Cardom is a dramatic change in operational concept, providing an organic capability for lower-echelon tactical forces without having to ask for fire support," said Soltam President David Marciano, a former director of the Israeli Ground Forces Materiel Command.

The US, Portugal, NATO, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) already benefit

from the mortar system’s proven precision and reliability.


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