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GDELS presents the latest models of the PIRANHA vehicle and the SIAC 155/52 towed howitzer at LAAD 2011

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VIENNA -- General Dynamics European Land System (GDELS), a business unit of General Dynamics, will present the latest member of the PIRANHA family of armoured wheeled vehicles and its most modern artillery system, the SIAC 155/52 Towed Howitzer, at LAAD Defence & Security 2011 exhibition in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 12-15th April 2011.

The new light tactical vehicle EAGLE and the latest solutions for highly mobile military bridge systems will also be on display. General Dynamics European Land Systems will be on Stand No. E16, Hall 4.


PIRANHA – the state-of-the-art 8x8 Armoured Vehicle

The latest version of the PIRANHA vehicle will raise the benchmark in the areas of survivability, mobility and firepower, marking unprecedented progress in the development of armoured vehicles. The PIRANHA is in successful operation with the Brazilian Marines in missions abroad and for internal security. The PIRANHA provides the highest levels of survivability against conventional and asymmetric threats, while having the capacity to fill all battlefield roles such as Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Electronic Warfare, Ambulance, Reconnaissance, Command, Mortar and even Direct Fire with turrets up to 120 mm caliber. As an APC the PIRANHA has an internal capacity for a crew of up to 11 troops. The latest version can be supplied in either high- or low-roof configurations with open architecture, over 15 tons of payload and 120 kW electrical power.

SIAC Towed Howitzer Artillery, in service and tested

The SIAC is a state-of-the-art 155/62 caliber towed howitzer with self-propelled capabilities due to its integrated auxiliary power unit. Its advanced design meets the most demanding requirements of modern field artillery and coastal defense missions, featuring rapid deployability, excellent first round hit probability and a swift “shoot and scoot” capability for higher survivability. General Dynamics European Land Systems’ Automatic Gun Laying System (AGLS), Digital Navigation Aiming and Pointing System (DINAPS) and Fully Automatic Ramming System (FIRS) are integrated in the SIAC for superior performance. The SIAC is capable of firing 10 rounds in the first minute, quick emplacement (entering: 2 min. /leaving: 1.5 min.) and has a firing range of over 40 km with Base Bleed ammunition.

Advanced solutions for mobile military bridge systems

General Dynamics European Land Systems provides a wide range of mobile military bridge systems for modern ground forces. M3 Amphibious Bridge/Rafting System and IRB Improved Ribbon Bridge represent today’s most modern and fastest water crossing systems for heavy forces. REBS Rapidly Emplaced Bridge System and the modular bridge system MTB Medium Trackway Bridge are the systems of choice for medium mechanized and air-transportable troops. Light infantry and airborne units rely on the IAB Infantry Assault Bridge to cross wet and dry gaps. Used by more than 20 countries worldwide, our bridge systems have proven their reliability and performance standards in various operations.

ASCOD - Multiple mission roles with excellent mobility, protection and combat ability

The ASCOD is one of today’s best Infantry/Cavalry fighting vehicles in the world. Designed and produced by General Dynamics European Land Systems-SBS and General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr, the ASCOD is in service with the Spanish and Austrian armies and recently has been selected by the UK FRES SV program. The VCI/I ASCOD is a tracked armoured vehicle with a monocoque hull of armour steel plates, capacity for a combat group of seven riflemen and a three-man crew, and features a high power/weight ratio thanks to its combat weight of 28 tones. The power pack and running gear with seven wheels, three supporting rollers and wide steel tracks provide this high mobility vehicle with maximum speeds of 70 km/h forward and 35 km/h in reverse.

EAGLE - The New Survivability Standard

To meet the increasing demand in protection and payload, General Dynamics European Land Systems offers the new EAGLE vehicle. Due to its higher payload capacity, it can either carry more equipment or heavier protection solutions, depending on the customer’s requirements. This highly mobile vehicle, with a crew of 4 - 5 soldiers, offers outstanding protection against ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) threats. Interchangeable automotive parts and components with DURO armoured or soft-skinned vehicles provide a cost-effective logistics commonality.

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Germany awards 159 MUSD vehicle contract to GDELS


Switzerland awards contract to General Dynamics European Land Systems- Mowag to deliver 100 EAGLE 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles

General Dynamics Land Systems - GDLS

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag GmbH

General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas

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General Dynamics European Land Systems - GDELS

Dalian Eagle Sky Industries Co., Ltd - DES

General Dynamics

ASCOD (PIZARRO/ULAN) (Infantry fighting vehicle)

ASCOD 105 (Light tank)

Piranha II 10x10 (Fire support vehicle)

Eagle I (Armoured car)

Eagle II (Armoured car)

Piranha 8x8D (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha III 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha IIIC (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)

Piranha IIIC (Command vehicle)

Piranha III 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha II (Repair and recovery vehicle)

Piranha IV 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha ACV (Fire support vehicle)

Eagle III (Observation Post Vehicle)

Eagle IV (Tactical vehicle)

ASCOD 105 LRF (Light tank)

Piranha I 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha II 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha I 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha I 4x4 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha II 4x4 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha II 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha III 10x10 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha III 10x10 (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Piranha II 8x8 (Command vehicle)

Piranha III Kapris (Command vehicle)

Desert Piranha 5 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha (Fire support vehicle)

Piranha (Command vehicle)

Piranha (Ambulance vehicle)

Piranha (Self-propelled mortar)

Piranha (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Piranha IIIC (Ambulance vehicle)

Piranha IIIC (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Piranha IIIC (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Eagle Tx (Diesel engine)

Piranha Evolution (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha V (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha IIIH (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha IIIH CRV (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Piranha III ASV (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

ASCOD II (ULAN) (Infantry fighting vehicle)

ASCOD SV (Infantry fighting vehicle)

Eagle V 4x4 (Tactical vehicle)

Piranha EVO (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

Piranha III REB (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)

Piranha III CBRN (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)

Piranha III+ (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

ASCOD II APC (Infantry fighting vehicle)

Eagle V 6x6 (Tactical vehicle)

EAGLE IV (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

ASCOD II MMBT (Light tank)


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