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General Dynamics and Rafael Win $38M Contract to Supply Reactive Armor to American Vehicles in Iraq

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Bradley IFV

HAIFA, Israel -- Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd. and General Dynamics have won a contract valued at $38M to supply reactive armor for the U.S. Army Bradley APCs serving in Iraq. The reactive armor, developed by Rafael especially for the Bradleys, is the newest generation of reactive armor available worldwide.

The armor is mounted onto the vehicle and provides the crew inside with excellent protection against a variety of anti-armor weapons, including shoulder-launched weapons. A few months ago, Rafael received an official letter of commendation from the Americans clearly stating that the Rafael armor – passive on the AAV7 APC and the reactive on the Bradleys – successfully withstood tough battles and saved the lives of many soldiers in Iraq. Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, VP Marketing and Business Development at Rafael, said that “The successful cooperation between GD and Rafael has proved that both companies are capable of working together to achieve customer satisfaction and successful business results.

As a result of this success, the companies have decided to expand their cooperation to other business activities.” Rafael has gained an excellent reputation over the years for its passive and active armor products suited to a variety of tanks and combat vehicles in the IDF, such as the “Nakpadon”. It is important to note that the same technology that was used for the American vehicle armor, which has stood-up successfully against a number of threats, will also be used in creating the armor for the IDF’s M-113. Rafael designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of advanced defense systems for all branches of the military and homeland security forces.

Tailored to its customer`s specific needs, Rafael provides state-of-the-art, yet cost-effective systems and weapons in the fields of Missiles, Air Defense, Naval Systems, Target Acquisition, EW, C4ISR, Communication Networks, Data Links, Electro-Optic Payloads, Trainers and Simulators, Add-on Armor, Combat Vehicle Upgrading, Mine Field Breaching, Border and Coastal Protection Systems, UAVs and much more.


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