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TCS SecureOffice DTNG Multi-level Security (MLS) Solution to Be Bundled with MAK Products

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Cambridge, Mass., – MAK Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of distributed simulation software, and Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. (TCS), a leading supplier of secure information sharing technologies to the Department of Defense, the intelligence community and commercial industry, announced they have signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement.

Under the agreement, TCS will offer a bundle of MAK products with their multilevel security solution, SecureOffice DTNG (Distributed Training Network Guard).

DTNG permits secure connectivity between highly classified simulators and the rest of the simulation community. Typically, warfighter simulators operate in controlled domains and cannot communicate with other simulators without risking accidental disclosure of sensitive data. As a result, warfighters are isolated from other members of the simulation community, precluding simulation exercises that mimic real world operations and limiting the effectiveness of training exercises.

DTNG solves this problem by providing secure two-way automated transfer of data.

“Today more than ever it is imperative that warfighter simulators are able to share vital information in real time without the risk of accidentally disclosing sensitive data,” said Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer at TCS. “Partnering with MAK Technologies allows TCS customers the capability to create more realistic simulations of real-world warfighter operations in a highly classified, secure environment.”

“With an increased emphasis on joint simulation exercises in the DoD, multi-level security has become vital,” said Marc Schlackman, vice president of marketing and sales for MAK Technologies. “Working with TCS, the developer of the bestin-breed MLS solution, to offer a solution for our customers seemed a natural choice.”

DTNG and MAK tools will be packaged in bundles to include combinations of the MAK RTI, the MAK Data Logger, the MAK Gateway, the MAK Stealth and the MAK Plan View Display.

A run-time infrastructure (RTI) is a key component of the high level architecture (HLA) . The MAK RTI is consistently proven in third party studies to be the most efficient RTI available. The verified and fully compliant MAK RTI has been chosen as the backbone of major simulation programs. MAK RTI customers include Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Mission Training Center, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems’ DMT lab, AFRL Warfighter Training Research Division, NATO’s First WAVE exercise, the Australian Defense Simulation Office, FATS and Verrax.

The MAK Gateway is a vital tool for distributed simulations, allowing legacy DIS simulations to participate in an HLA exercise, bridging the two network architectures. The Gateway uses VR-Link, taking full advantage of the networking toolkit’s FOM-Agile infrastructure. The MAK Data Logger records and replays networked simulations.

MAK Technologies

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MAK Technologies

MAK Technologies

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