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CMI Defence presents the Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30

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To increase the tactical options open to mechanised infantry, reconnaissance units and other light and highly mobile forces, and to increase their operational effectiveness and crew survivability, CMI Defence has developed the Cockerill CPWS protected medium-calibre remote weapon station. The Cockerill CPWS offers a uniquely beneficial combination of high lethality, high crew protection and low weight (high mobility). Available with a wide variety of medium-calibre weapons, the Cockerill CPWS gives real teeth to modern light forces.

CMI Defence is acclaimed for its low-weight, high-impact weapon systems. Maintaining this tradition, the Cockerill CPWS is a remote weapon system that offers the firepower of a 20-30mm automatic cannon in a package weighing less than one tonne (basic). As exhibited at Eurosatory 2014, the system is full stabilized and offers 24 hour day/night operating capability. Importantly, a crew can fully serve and reload the weapon system from under armour. Because it is highly modular, the basic Cockerill CPWS system can be readily configured according to the Customer’s operational need and budget.

The Cockerill CPWS is designed to incorporate a range of 20-30mm automatic weapons. This permits a Customer to select the weapon that best meets his operational, cost and commonality needs. For example Cockerill CPWS is exhibited at Eurosatory 2014 in three different configurations:

  • Cockerill CPWS 30 (mounting the ZTM-1 automatic cannon, firing 30mm x 165mm ammunition) on the BTR-3E 8x8 APC chassis

  • Cockerill CPWS 25 (mounting the ATK M242 chain gun, firing 25mm x 137mm ammunition) on the RTD VAB Mk3 6x6 APC chassis

  • Cockerill CPWS 30 (mounting the ATK M230LF chain gun, firing 30mm x 113mm ammunition) on the RTD CRAB 4x4 chassis

Depending on the type of weapon selected, the system can elevate from -10° to +60°. Similarly the Cockerill CPWS typically carries 150 rounds of ready-to-use medium calibre ammunition.

Through innovative design, the Cockerill CPWS weighs less than one (1) tonne in its basic form. This permits the system to be mounted on a light armoured vehicle. The value of this capability to the serving solider is powerfully illustrated at Eurosatory by the CPWS 30 mounted on the RTD CRAB 4x4 chassis, giving protected 30mm lethality to a light six (6) tonne 4x4 vehicle.

The exhibited Cockerill CPWS systems are equipped with a stabilized day/night (thermal) high-performance sighting system for 24/7 operation. The sighting system provides the User with a panoramic 360° view, independent of turret position. When used to engage a target, the gun automatically aligns with the sighting system and a digital ballistic computer ensures very high hit probability when firing on the move. The Cockerill CPWS is ready be networked into a computer simulated training environment, permitting crews to undertake tactical training using their combat hardware, before disconnecting and returning the system to its normal duties.

The innovative Cockerill CPWS concept provides armour protection for both equipment and operator. To preserve weapon system function and the safety of the operator during combat, the remote weapon system is completely enclosed in armour. The operator can fully access the weapon system from the safety of the vehicle. This permits him to undertake reloading and other duties without exposing himself to hostile fire. Featuring a stealth profile and selectable levels of ballistic armour, the Cockerill CPWS significantly increase the survivability of both combat-vehicle and crew.

The remotely-operated Cockerill CPWS integrates proven advanced technologies with a range of medium calibre automatic weapons (20mm to 30mm). According to Customer need, the Cockerill CPWS provides stabilized, survivable, high lethality at low weight. It significantly increases the operational capability and flexibility of highly mobile armoured vehicles. The Cockerill CPWS gives real teeth to modern light forces.

CMI Defence

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