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GD UK Completes CDR for SCOUT Reconnaissance Variant

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General Dynamics UK has successfully completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the SCOUT Reconnaissance variant, as part of the SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme.

The completion of the SCOUT Reconnaissance variant CDR is a significant marker in the SCOUT SV programme, with the first SCOUT Reconnaissance pre-production prototype to be completed later this year.

The CDR covered the fully-integrated SCOUT Reconnaissance platform, including the platform hull design, the Lockheed Martin UK-developed turret, Electronic Architecture, onboard software solutions, sub-systems and variant-specific products, such as the Primary Sight.

In service, the SCOUT Reconnaissance variant will provide best-in-class protection and survivability, reliability and mobility and all-weather Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recognition (ISTAR) capabilities. It will enable the soldier to be at the point of collection of accurate all-weather commander information within a network-enabled, fully-digitised platform.

Kevin Connell, vice president at General Dynamics UK - Land Systems, said: "The SCOUT Reconnaissance variant is the flagship of the SCOUT SV programme and will provide a step-change in ground-based ISTAR capability to the British Army. The completion of the SCOUT Reconnaissance variant CDR is a significant step in delivering a family of SCOUT SV platforms, which represent the future of Armoured Fighting Vehicles for the British Army."

The SCOUT Reconnaissance variant CDR is the final variant-specific CDR to be completed ahead of the pending SCOUT SV System CDR, which will examine all aspects of each SCOUT SV platforms under a single review.

Defence Minister, Philip Dunne, said: "The SCOUT programme has already passed several of its key milestones, including the live blast trials. This latest achievement shows great progress, with SCOUT SV vehicles well on their way to being ready for Army user trials in 2017. This is an exciting time for the armoured vehicles business in the UK and it is great news that the SCOUT programme is already securing approximately 2,400 jobs across the country."

The range of SCOUT SV variants will allow the British Army to conduct sustained, expeditionary, full-spectrum and network-enabled operations with a reduced logistics footprint. SCOUT SV can operate in combined-arms and multinational situations across a wide-range of future operating environments.

Sergyi Way

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