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CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle makes Australian debut

Category: Defence Industry

CV90 is a family of tracked combat vehicles designed by BAE Systems in Sweden, with more than 4.5 million engineering hours contributing to the development of this advanced IFV. The CV90 family offers high performance and unique operational advantages.

The combat proven vehicle provides high tactical and strategic mobility, air defence, anti-tank capability, high survivability, and lethality in any terrain or tactical environment. CV90 has a pedigree of multiple successful worldwide operations that include United Nations and NATO missions.

As a tracked, turreted, digital, combat-proven IFV capable of carrying eight dismounts, CV90 is the only vehicle of this type in the world that is in ongoing production, and is a low-risk, military off-the-shelf offering that is ready now for Phase 3. BAE Systems submitted the offering in February.

Combined with the E35 turret, the CV9035 — a variant of the vehicle with a 35mm gun system — provides superior lethality with a high level of commonality with the AMV35 offered for Phase 2. With proven operations around the globe, CV90 will bring the Commonwealth a mature, low total-ownership cost, sustainment program.

Like the AMV35, CV90 for Phase 3 is well positioned to support and integrate Australian Industrial Capability to deliver jobs and sovereign capability. CV90’s proven design pedigree ensures the growth capacity to address the Commonwealth’s evolving operational requirements of the planned 30-year life of type.

There are nine different CV90 variants in service, with a total of more than 1,280 vehicles sold to seven European nations, including four NATO members. The latest variant is currently in production for Norway.

BAE Systems will be hosting a media briefing on the CV90 on Wednesday, September 7, at 12:00 p.m. at the company’s stand located at hall one, stand 1N10.

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