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Testing of a new robotic complex for the airborne troops started in Russia

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The new multifunctional UGV for the Airborne and Land Forces goes to the state tests, reported the commander of the Russia Airborne Forces, Andrei Serdyukov.

Works to develop a multifunctional robotic complex based on the light and medium chassis for solving the tasks of providing combat operations to the Land Forces and the Airborne Forces has reached the state tests stage, said Serdyukov at the gathering of the senior command of the troops taking place in Ryazan (Russia).

He also talked about the development of new cargo parachute systems and design development for the creation of a parachute system that operates without human intervention and the entry of chemical reconnaissance vehicles into the airborne forces created within the framework of the Border-Carriage-2.

In addition, the commander reported about the work on a new complex of control of air defense facilities for R&D called "Barnaul-T".

Within the framework of improving the airborne management system and expanding the capabilities of automated troop control, the R&D called "Cassiopeia-D" is being carried out. As a result, a basic complex of communication and automated control equipment will appear, which will be installed on the base armored crawler tracks BMD-4M, BTR-MDM, added Serdyukov.

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