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Mine-Resistant Iveco MLVs to be supplied to Norway

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Last month Norway decided to buy up to 72 IVECO Panther vehicles, which will also be fielded by the Belgian Army.

First 25 vehicles of the initial order will be delivered in 2006 - 2007 and there is also an option to buy a further 47 vehicles over a two year period. The contract amounts to $9.64 million and a contract of return purchases has already been made. They say that the purchase comes as a reaction to the international operations experience, where the up-armored Mercedes "Gelendevagen" has proved to be inadequate, especially after the events at Afghanistan in February.

Sergyi Wey

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M60 Panther (Mine clearing vehicle)

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14:50 31.03.2006

This Panther looks more like a Hummer, doesn't it? What is the big difference between the two?

11:57 03.04.2006

i checked and see one vehicle will cost 133 thousand dollars. i think the cost unrealistic, i mean too little. this vehicle must cost 200 thousands and maybe bigger. the writers mixed sth. who know?

16:22 04.04.2006

The NDPD selected the LMV following a comprehensive assessment in which LMV competed against a number of international competitors, including the Mowag Eagle IV.

Duster 42
11:12 26.07.2006

Hey Zoblos, its 25 vehicles for 9.64 mil. The other 45 vehicles are "on option", meaning it's not worked out into the initial costing.

Also, contract price doesn't only mean vehicle price. It includes transport costs, maintenence, spares, training programs, staff hiring, vehicle improvement and assessment programs and a whole lot of other things.

This is a good vehicle though, not the best, but good for it's packaged price.

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