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State-owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (SOE KMDB) of Ukraine has begun to series-produce computer-based simulators for BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles

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Simulator for BMP-2 IFV

SOE KMDB has a multi-year experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing various simulators for armoured vehicles. The specific feature of the computer-based simulators developed by the SOE KMDB is their modular design.
The simulators can be used both for training the whole crew and for training the driver, commander, and gunner separately. At the customer's request, the simulators can either be installed on the universal motion platform or supplied in a static version.

Use of the simulators enables the customers to solve several main problems:

  • to save operational materials, ammunition, and service life of the vehicles due to computer-based training;

  • to increase the quality of training;

  • to carry out training of the personnel in the environments that do not allow using real vehicles, e.g., urban areas and NBC environment.

The open architecture makes it possible to unite several simulators into one network and to create combined tactical training systems.

The simulators for BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles that are now series-produced by SOE KMDB will be supplied to a foreign customer. The export contract envisages supply of not only the simulators themselves, but also a set of accompanying services including installation and adjustment in the country of the customer, guarantee and after-guarantee service, and training of the customer's service personnel.

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