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BAE Systems Features RG-33L - New Mine-protected Vehicle

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BAE Systems has leveraged the combined strengths of its global land business to create its new 6x6 Mine-Protected Vehicle, to be unveiled Monday to military leadership at the largest U.S. industry event showcasing technologies and capabilities for the U.S. Army.

Drawing on decades of extensive expertise in developing, building, fielding and supporting mine protected vehicles and high-survivability combat vehicles, BAE Systems is featuring its RG33L at the Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Washington, DC on Oct.9-11.

BAE Systems is a world leader in developing and fielding high performance mine-hardened and mine-protected vehicles to armies around the world. Using the latest in design and modeling and simulation tools in South Africa and the USA, BAE Systems were able to rapidly prototype and produce the first RG33L. The company has proven capability in rapidly producing and fielding highly survivable vehicles for the military.

BAE Systems is offering its production-ready mine protected RG33L vehicle to meet urgent requirements. The company has multiple tactical wheeled vehicles in production now and skilled employees with mine hardened vehicle production expertise in low-cost, low-risk U.S. production facilities.

The RG33 is a next-generation 6x6 mine protected vehicle that offers more volume under armor than any other C130 transportable mine protected vehicle and incorporates the latest designs in protecting against improvised explosive devices. The RG33L incorporates a monocoque V-shaped hull design leveraging knowledge gained in recent and ongoing conflicts.

RG33L builds on proven, fielded designs over a wide range of vehicles, and is a flexible, production-ready mine protected vehicle available today. BAE Systems brings more than 35 years experience in mine protected wheeled vehicle expertise, and decades developing highly survivable combat platforms for U.S. and allied militaries, and the RG33L leveraged developments at company locations in South Africa and the U.S.

The RG33L is equipped with a hydraulic ramp, a gunner's protection kit, a robotic arm, survivability gear, and dedicated space for equipment stowage. In addition, the vehicle is remote weapon capable and network enabled.

RG33L features additional systems to enhance survivability, such as modular add on armor kit provisions, TRAPP transparent armor that provides excellent visibility and situational awareness, and run-flat tires. The vehicle is equipped with multi-positional mine protected seating and air conditioning.

The vehicle delivers enhanced blast protection and may be equipped with a tailored armor package. RG33L is available with base protection against medium machine gun or small arms fire and mine blast protection at a level equal to or exceeding any fielded mine protected vehicle - and the platform is designed with a power train equipped to handle upgrades and enhancements.

The vehicle is mission configurable for Infantry Carrier, Ambulance, Command and Control, Convoy Escort, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and other roles, and is recoverable by another RG33L. The vehicle features on-board exportable power for C4I and other mission equipment.

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