Army Guide - Tadiran Communications Received $20.5M Order from Israeli Ministry of Defense
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Tadiran Communications Received $20.5M Order from Israeli Ministry of Defense

Category: Future Technologies

Tadiran Communications received an order in the amount of $20.5 million from Israel's Ministry of Defense. This order is an add-on to an order valued at $19.6 million for the supply of next generation radio communications systems for use by the various branches of the Israel Defense Forces, which the company received on December 2005.

The radio systems are software definable (Software Defined Radio), among the most advanced of their kind, providing high-speed simultaneous voice and data communications capabilities and supporting multiple advanced communications protocols.

The ordered radio opens the way to 3rd generation wireless military communications, meeting the demands for advanced voice and high-speed data communications in the Network Centric Warfare environment thereby becoming an essential building block for the communications infrastructure of the modern, digital battlefield.

The company recently reported the receipt of an order for the last stage of a tactical communications equipment transaction with an Asian country, valued at $42 million out of a total of $55 million. In October, the company announced a contract for the supply of the latest tactical communications equipment to a country in Africa, valued at $18 million. The company also reported that its subsidiary, Telefunken Racoms, received an order from the German government for the supply of long-range communications equipment valued at around EUR19 million. In August, it was reported that its subsidiary in the US, Talla-Tech, received an order from the US Army for the supply of rugged handheld and portable computers, valued at around $15 million.

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Tadiran Communications Ltd.

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