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Cost Effective Integration Of The Fido Explosives Detection System

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The Negotiator Tactical Surveillance Robot

According to Nomadics Inc., manufacturer of the Fido explosives detection system, Fido screens packages, shipping containers, vehicles, facilities and people for traces of explosives, unlike current alternatives, the exquisite sensitivity of the Fido supports both particle and vapor detection, enabling previously unheard of applications for explosive detection technology.

The Negotiator robot is able to utilize Fido's extensive capabilities without any modification to the original system, making it easy for customer's who have already purchased a Fido sensor to use it in conjunction with the Negotiator robot. Robotic FX, Inc. has and will continue build a high quality, cost effective solution to virtually every problem law enforcement and military personnel face. Most robot manufactures would like their customers to believe it isn't possible to integrate a system as advanced as Fido without extensive, costly modifications to both the robot and the sensor itself.

In the case of the Negotiator robot, this is entirely untrue. No modifications were made to the Fido sensor. The integration package simply allows the robot to communicate with the sensor and then transmit the information to the Operator Control Unit. As a result, the cost of adding Fido to the Negotiator robot, be it a robot we sold two years ago or a brand new one, is dramatically reduced.

The Fido Explosives detection system integration package will be available for purchase spring of 2007. Official pricing has yet to be released.

The Negotiator Tactical Surveillance Robot is currently used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and has had proven success with search & rescue operations, SWAT teams, HAZMAT teams and Homeland Defense.

Sergyi Way

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