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Russia to Supply Tunguska-M1 Air Defence Systems to Morocco

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Tunguska-M1 Air Defence Systems

A contract for supply of six Tunguska-M1 systems to Morocco has been signed and will come into force in the nearest future.

This will be the first delivery of Russian-made weapons to Morocco. The cost of the contract is believed to be around $100,000,000.

The Tunguska-M1 air defence system is fitted with both guns and missiles and is intended to protect armoured and mechanised infantry units against low-flying fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, some types of cruise missiles as well as for defeating light armoured ground targets and personnel of the enemy.

The system can operate under conditions of intensive fire and radio-electronic, optical and optronic jamming. One more advantage of the system consists in the fact that it is fitted with both guns and missiles. The system can engage targets by means of anti-aircraft guided missiles at heights of 15 to 3,500 metres and at distances of 2,500 to 10,000 metres, as well as using its 30 mm gun to engage targets at heights of up to 3,000 m and at distances of 200 to 4,000 metres.

Sergyi Wey

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aws jned
18:35 18.06.2005

i love weapon so much specialy the russian weapons

Sepp Dietrich
01:22 17.08.2005

El moro bueno es el moro muerto.

Santiago y cierra España.

Sepp Dietrich
01:22 17.08.2005

El moro bueno es el moro muerto.

Santiago y cierra España.

tarik ibn ziad
14:17 30.08.2005

shut up stinky,thats the tunguska that will kick your stinky ass

Salim El Fallah
11:35 12.01.2006

Hmm, Only 6 Piece of the TM1 for a 100 Milion $?

Isnt that tooo expensive?

03:11 10.02.2006

tarik and salim there is a nice website about the moroccan army u guys can take a look at it :)

22:51 29.05.2006

Hmm, we still never seen any picture of the M-1 In Moroccan hands. We (Morocco) need an additional of S-300 To protect the whole area of Morocco, and we need good missiles, like the Tomahawk, Harpoon, HARM etc so that we can counter the Algerian and Spanish Agression. ;)

Hasta La Vista, Vatos Locos


08:41 30.05.2006

Ojalá os pudrais todos, moros de mierda. Ojalá os invadamos algún día, y os esclavicemos a todos. En lugar de comprar esos aparatitos inutiles deberíais gastar el dinero en cacahuetes.

09:22 26.06.2006

El hispano bueno es el hispano muerte. Cabrones!

14:20 27.06.2006

C'est dommage que les russes ventent si beaucoup d'armes.

13:36 30.06.2006

Tunguska is an ageing design. The ageing for the aged. And expensive, too. The Morocco guys will lose their shirts if they keep loosing their marbles with such purchases.

12:05 03.07.2006

Todos musulmanos son putos.

09:50 04.07.2006

You'd better write everithing in English so that everybody could understand.

11:30 05.07.2006

No te importa que hable mi lengua materna?

22:02 25.08.2006

have u seen the crap german equivellent its a FlakPanzer GEPARD

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