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ApNano launches Nano Armor subsidiary for amazing Bullet-Proof products

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ApNano launches Nano Armor subsidiary for amazing Bullet-Proof products

Israel-based ApNano’s subsidiary develop the new NanoArmor line of nanotechnology bullet-proof jackets.

The Nano Armor products will be made of tungsten disulfide (WS2) nanoparticles and enable it to produce over 50% lighter weight armor products. The material was subjected to severe shocks generated by firing shots at it at impact velocities of up to 1.5 km/second. The nanospheres withstood the shock pressures generated by the impacts of up to 250 tons per square centimeter. The unique nanotubes of ApNano Materials are up to 4-5 times stronger than steel and about 6 times stronger than Kevlar.

Aharon Feuerstein, ApNano Materials’ Chairman and CFO, commented: “The company has already started negotiations with investors, and already attracted huge interest from military, law enforcement and homeland security organizations and agencies in various countries”.

ApNano Materials’ mission is to become a leading nanotechnology company by developing valuable commercial applications based on its proprietary inorganic nanostructures. The unique nanoparticles, nested spheres and tubes, can be used in a broad range of products including lubricants, specialty coatings, thin films, powder metallurgy parts and polymer composites.

ApNano Materials ( ), is a private nanotechnology company founded in 2002 by Dr. Menachem Genut, President and CEO and Mr. Aharon Feuerstein, Chairman and CFO. ApNano Materials was incorporated in the US and is headquartered in New York, USA. Its fully-owned Israeli subsidiary - NanoMaterials, Ltd., is located in the high tech science park adjacent to the Weizmann Institute campus in Nes Ziona, Israel. The company was granted an exclusive license by Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, to manufacture, commercialize and sell a new class of nanomaterials based on inorganic compounds that were discovered at the Institute.

ApNano Materials

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ApNano Materials, Inc.


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