Aimpoint AB

Type of activity:
Electronics & Computers
Sighting Systems
Contact: Sabine Eriksson, Communications Manager

Jagershillgatan 15
21375 Malmo

Phone: +4640 671 5020
Fax: +4640 219 238

Aimpoint AB is the supplier of High Performance Optical Sights, with a broad range of products for demanding applications for the armed forces. A long-time supplier of optical sights to Special Operations and military units throughout the world, Aimpoint has been awarded bigger contracts the last few years to supply its well-known red dot sights to the US Army, the French Army and the Swedish Army.

Aimpoint AB, the originator of the red dot technology, is launching 3 new products during spring 2003:

Aimpoint MPS II is the second generation of sights developed for crew-served weapons as well as for airborne and vehicle mounted heavy machine guns and naval guns up to 30 mm.

Aimpoint LPI is a totally waterproof IR laser aiming device developed for military and law enforcement applications.

Aimpoint ER3.5 Tactical is a compact, rugged, 3.5 power telescopic sight for professional applications under all light conditions.

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